Thanks to  Yahoo Ireland  the 6th years on the mentoring programme had a yoga session on Tuesday 14th. Our wonderful mentors from Yahoo organised and paid for a yoga lesson for the nine pupils they mentor. They noticed that our pupils were rather stressed when doing their mock leaving cert in February and thoughtfully organised the lesson to help distress their mentees.

Antoinette gave the yoga class in the fitness studio on the balcony of the sports hall.
Mentors and mentees had great fun taking part in the lesson. It was timed nicely to follow their oral Irish exams. The instructor Antoinette planned a session that resulted in our students being relaxed and calm facing into the final push for the leaving cert exam in June. She showed them exercises that can be done again at home to unwind and calm down when overwhelmed and stressed by all the last minute revision.

We join our pupils in thanking staff and management of Yahoo EMEA  for providing this opportunity.

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