Student Council Elections

Student Council elections will take place during the school year, organised by Ms Dever. Actual Ballot Boxes used in State Elections will be used.

Extensive Reading Program, 21st Century Library and Library Cards for All

Extensive Reading involves reading a large amount of material and has been proven to improve progress, and our students will be encouraged to read extensively throughout the year. They can log onto the Moodle and answer questions about their books. If successful the number of words in the book will be added to a running total. Prizes can be expected.

The school is very grateful to Baldoyle Library for allowing us to use their Overdrive APP to download eBooks for this program.They are also allowing us to enrol all of our students, giving every student unrivalled free access to ebooks. The school will process applications and pass them on to Baldoyle Library in bulk. Our aim is to have library cards for all.

The school is also investing in an up to date, highly resourced library, expected to be in place by November, 2015.


The entire school has been set up on Moodle. Moodle is the worlds most popular online Teaching and Learning Management System (LMS)/Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Currently, teachers may use, or not use, this resource at their discretion. It can be used to provide students with teaching and learning resources, and to provide parents with information regarding a students attendance and progress.

The new Junior Cert Program requires that students approach learning in a different way, and requires that they engage with IT and social media for all aspects of their learning. The Moodle resource provides modules for all of the new requirements in one safe, private place, away from public viewing - it has its own versions of all types of social media, which students can use under close supervision. Moodle is an established technology used by most schools and colleges worldwide and is the technology used by almost all commercial online training companies.

Use of Virtual Learning Environments is highly recommended by the Department of Education, and is expected in the new Junior Cert.

Google APPS for Education

All students and teachers have been signed up for Google Apps for Education which gives access to a wide variety of resources. Just click on the "Google Apps" link at the top of the school's Homepage and sign in using your school email and password. Email Addresses for All Students

Ardscoil la Salle has joined Google Apps for Education and email addresses in the form "jThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." will be distributed to all students and teachers. Mail is accessed via gmail. Parents will be given the usernames and passwords for their children's accounts.

Jubilee Preparations Begin for 2018

2018 marks the Golden Jubilee (50th) anniversary of the opening of Ardscoil la Salle and the 40th anniversary of the first enrolment of female students. Our current TY class will be the 6th Years hosting the celebrations. Several of our first students and first female student have been in touch and are looking forward to meeting each other and our current students. Preparations begin this year. If any of our past pupils or parents would like to find out more contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Transition Year Trip to Berlin

Transition Year and some other students have planned a trip to Berlin later in the year. Those going aim to put the 'fun' in fundraising, with many sponsored activities planned.

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