Second year students visit to DCU for a talk by Amber Gell titled 'It's not Rocket Science'

Amber’s extensive experience includes her work as a Spacecraft Systems Engineer, designing and developing numerous subsystems for the Orion Spacecraft,the Multipurpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV), NASA’s new spacecraft for Deep Space Exploration. She has contributed her expertise to various areas such as: Space Life Sciences; Bioastronautics, Human Performance in Extreme Environments, Rendezvous, Proximity and Docking Operations, Landing and Recovery Systems, Engineering Integration, Flight Test, Risk Management, and Leading Proposal Development efforts. She is especially passionate about participating in education outreach activities that engage the engineers of tomorrow and inspire the bright minds of the future.

Amber holds multiple degrees in aerospace engineering, business, and physiology. She has won several awards for her outstanding contributions to the Aerospace Community and educational outreach, including the 2013 Women in Space Science Award.

We also enjoyed a tour of the DCU campus with the dedicated Student Ambassadors; including a quick 'hello' on the air at the DCU fm radio studios.

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