Tuesday brought us "Rainbow Day" and a whole school talk entitled "Baring my soles for Pieta House" from Eamonn Keaveny. Eamonn walked bare foot around Ireland over a period of three and a half months to raise money for Pieta House.

Wednesday saw some students have the chance to spend the day in various sports workshops.

We started off our Well-being Week with a whole school talk from Laura Horan, a past pupil. Laura is studying Journalism in DCU. She has recently been in the media for speaking out about Homelessness in Ireland and her own experiences.

Ardscoil La Salle is delighted to announce an upcoming Well Being Week, for the whole school, between January 23rd and 27th.

A series of activities and talks by invited guest speakers has been organised focusing on the theme of positive emotional, physical and mental health.

We believe all students can gain something useful from this week and hope to make it an annual feature of school pastoral life.

As any 5th or 6th year student is aware, the Leaving Cert is an unbelievably daunting force in the lives of many students. So, with that in mind I have put together my top tips/guidelines on how to achieve the results you want while suffering the least possible amount (a little bit of suffering is unavoidable).

1. Consistency - A moderate amount of study everyday is a lot more effective and easy (in the long run) than cramming like crazy at the last minute.
2. Do it your way - We all learn differently, personally I need to write out the information in my own words before it really sticks. Some of us learn kinetically (touch, feel write), audibly (listening, audio-book), visually (mind-maps, pictures).
3. Pressure is necessary but too much could be fatal - Yes, the Leaving cert is vital, it is extremely important and could have a big influence on you later in life but it is not the end of the world, even if you fail miserably, you can always repeat and now-a-days there a a million ways to get the course you want. Your health and well-being is so much more important than letters on a page, your results do not define you.
4. There's a place and time - Set aside specific time for studying as well as homework. Make a revision plan and stick to it. If you have trouble studying at time then visit your local library and set aside a couple to work. You will find that in an environment without distractions and noise that you will get your work done not only quicker but more efficiently and to a higher standard.

I know personally, as a Leaving Cert student myself how stressful the whole ordeal can seem but you must remember that all the work you put in will stand to you in the end and that work is a small price to pay for the bright and exciting future which we all have ahead of us.
Thank you so much for reading.

Jane Gaffey, 6th year

After the success of season 1, Telling Tales season 2 – “Tales from the Dark Pool” will be broadcast on Near FM this term for an extended 8 episode run.

All students are invited to submit their original poems and short stories for consideration. The shortlisted authors will be invited to record their work in the Near FM studios but of course you can always nominate a friend or ask the show’s presenter to read if you’d prefer.
You can enter as many times as you like by emailing your entries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on or before Wednesday the 25th of January. Please make sure to run a spelling and grammar check before submission and don’t forget to include your name and year group.

If you would like support, advice or a quiet place to work we will be dedicating Tuesday and Friday lunchtimes in the library to Telling Tales, just bring your lunch and the current draft of your poem or short story.

Last season’s episodes are available at http://nearfm.ie/podcast/?cat=4608 . Make sure to check out episode 1, presented by Mya and episode 3, presented by Laurence

On Friday the 16th of December the International Coffee Morning took place, where all exchange students made dishes from their home countries. After they were finished the teachers and the students tried the food. On the Thursday before some small preparations were done and Ms NiRaghallaigh spent her free lessons supervising and helping the students to prepare the dishes, thank you for that. The Italian students prepared Tiramisu and a chocolate cake. The French and the Belgian worked together and prepared two apple cakes and Crepes. The Germans made Vanillekipferl, moony biscuits with the taste of vanilla. The Spanish and Portuguese made torrijas, tortas de naranja, bizcocho de naranja and lenguas de gato. Around 10.15 ameverything was nearly finished and the tables were prepared. The teachers enjoyed the food and the coffee and also the students loved to try them as well. After everyone was finished some students cleaned the kitchen, then everybody went back to their classes.
Julia Rogner, International Student.

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