On Monday the 7th of November, the TY school bank was launched with the help of staff from Bank of Ireland, Raheny. Great interest was show amongst all students throughout the school with many new bank accounts being opened along with various enquiries about further savings options.
The staff of the Bank of Ireland trained up the TY students before we opened for business and guided them through:

  • The forms that needed to be filled out
  • How to record accurately the necessary information from potential customers
  • How to issued receipts for money that was lodged into accounts
  • How to balance to money at the end of day

The TY students did a fantastic job and demonstrated the skills they learnt throughout the day.
The school bank will open again on Monday the 14th of November.

Staff and students dressed in their Halloween finest today in order to raise funds for St Francis Hospice. From handmade superhero costumes to retro horror classics the diversity reflected the wide range of interests and personalities of all involved.

On 25th october the Transition Year students visited the European HQ of Yahoo in Point Village for their second session in the Skills@Work programme. They were treated to a comprehensive tour of the premises followed by a overview presentation on the company. Then they had an chance to interview staff about their careers and qualifications. All are looking forward to the next session on 15th Nov.

First year students worked with their Transition Year mentors to create their visions of happiness; these posters will be on display in the canteen for the next week. Each first year student has their own fully trained mentor in TY, this role is a supportive and encouraging one designed to help everybody to reach their full potential.

With students from 1st to 6th year volunteering to take part, this year’s PRSM competition was one of the most interesting yet.

PRISM is an annual contest for second level mathematics students coordinated by NUI Galway for Maths Week. It is run in the hope of encouraging students to develop their interest in mathematical problem solving and in mathematics in general.

Top Senior Students:

  • 1st place: Balasz Novak
  • 2nd place: Adam Maher
  • 3rd place: Darragh Collins & Liam O’Hara

Top Junior Students:

  • 1st place: Madeline Hibbett
  • 2nd place: Shane O’Brien
  • 3rd place: Pol Rossello

"Mirror mirror on the wall...."
Today in Trinity College students explored the environment using their Math Eyes. Having Maths Eyes changes the view of maths from being only something done in school. With maths eyes people see the maths they do everyday so mathematics becomes real and meaningful. This play on symmetry is just one of our entries to this year's competition, for more information or to enter visit http://www.haveyougotmathseyes.com/

There will be girls’ football training after school on Tuesdays. All beginners welcome.

On the 30th of September I went to Leinster House with representatives from twenty other TAP (Trinity Access Programme) schools to discuss an upcoming bill that would lower the voting age from 18 to 16 for local and European elections. First we were given a tour of Leinster House and then we went to the AV room to discuss our opinions on the bill. We were given surveys to distribute at our schools for the 4th and 5th year students. We will return to Leinster House in about 3 weeks to present the results of the survey and discuss how the students of our schools feel about the bill. This was facilitated by Senators Lynn Ruanne and Fintan Warfield.

Adam Maher, TY student

The College for Every Student (CFES) programme encourages the development of leadership skills. Transition Year students participated in the first of four leadership training sessions with Gary Gannon of the Trinity Access Programme where they explored different types of leaders including JFK, Hitler and Rosa Parks. Work began on the "WE Can Change This!" awareness campaign, check out #TA21Leaders. As the year progresses they will design, plan and deliver a Leadership Through Service activity which will work to improve life for vulnerable people in our community.

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