On Friday 10th of November, myself and two other 6th year students were chosen to venture to the ‘Taste of TAP’ event at Trinity College, where we would get a flavour of what the TAP Foundation Course offers us. When we walked into the enormous lecture hall, we really did not know what to expect, “did we make the right decision in coming here?”, but to answer that question - we absolutely did!

We were first given an introduction by Ms Sarah Grimson, the director of this programme, and she gave us multiple informative talks throughout our day, such as how to apply for the Programme, and that really put us all at ease seeing how managable it is! We were then given the choice of three elective lectures to take, of which I chose English, Philosophy and Psychology, with my favourite having to be English, we had indepth discussions about storytelling, made new friends, and I have never enjoyed analysing a poem more, definitely something I would have an interest in when I fill out my application!At lunch, we were treated to a campus tour of Trinity College also!

Our Philosophy lecture consisted of the history of philosophy, and was very interesting! In the Psychology lecture, we were taught about what makes a psychopath tick!

At the end of the day, Sarah spoke to us and told us that our day was a true representation of what a typical day in the life of a TAP Foundation student would be, even getting several TAP Foundation students to give us an even further insight into the programme.

To finish, this is a college which should not have a snooty reputation, they were extremely open and welcoming of everyone, and thanks to the Taste Of TAP day, I can definitely see myself in Trinity College!

Daragh Gilroy, 6th Year


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