The results show clearly that there has been an amazing improvement across the board with most of the students who went over 20 days last year managing to get below, and well below, 20 days this year. Almost every student beat their last years’ figures. Well Done!

Management and staff have noticed that some students are frequently asking where their numbers stand and that some students are making more mature decisions around activities which may take them out of classrooms and factor in the loss of a lesson in the decision.

We are particularly pleased that the number of mandatory referrals to the EWS for students with over 20 days absence was in single figures, and at a record breaking low for Ardscoil La Salle. No student who was referred last year had to be referred again for a second time. We owe this to the dedication of students and parents, who really took this initiative to heart.

Focus on Attendance is a HSCL initiative

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