The fantastic new Coolock Library - Barryscourt Road (beside the Northside Shopping Centre) - re-opened on Thursday 2 January 2020 following a refurbishment project costing €3.5m, funded by Dublin City Council.
With 600sqm of space, four meeting rooms including an event area for 80 people, this library is an important civic space in Coolock for the community on Dublin’s north side.
The library boasts its first dedicated Makerspace for Dublin City Libraries, encouraging everyone to tap into their creative side.

The Makerspace has

  • a laser cutter,
  • 3D printer,
  • embroidery and sewing machines,
  • animation facilities with green screen,
  • Arduino and Raspberry Pi kits
  • and lots of Lego. 

Pop in and say hello if you're in the Coolock area, or have a look at this behind the scenes video on their Facebook page!

Opening hours: Monday - Thursday 10am to 8pm, Friday and Saturday 10am - 5pm


Ardscoil La Salle is now 50 years old, with a well established reputation for delivering quality education to the community. Originally a boys' school, we have been co-educational, catering for our young boys and girls, for 40 of those 50 years. It is quite a 'small' school which boasts a very small pupil-teacher ratio over all. 'Small' means that each student receives more than the usual amount of the teacher's attention. 'Small' means that if a student gets into difficulty, someone will notice - they won't be lost in the crowd. 'Small' means we see you. ‘Small' is our students’ biggest asset.

We have a very dedicated and hard-working staff, and it is not unusual to find teachers still in the building late into the evening. This has put us among the most successful local schools with over two-thirds of last years students going on to third level (a very high rate for any DEIS school) - see the infographic at the top of the page. Very many of our the young men and women educated here have gone on to reach the highest points in their careers and education. Our motto is "Ad Summum Semper" (Always Aim Highest) and many of our students go on to live up to that motto and the challenge it offers.

We offer Junior Cert, Leaving Cert, Transition Year, LCA and have a dedicated ASD class.

'Small' also means that every teacher knows every student's name. Every student knows every other student and by the time they leave, will have worked with every other student on some activity. Whenever they visit, past-pupils always speak highly of their time here. At this point we are now teaching grandchildren of some of our past pupils. Each year we attract a number of students from bigger schools who seek a more personal experience of teaching and learning. We also attract a large number of 'visiting' European students - they are usually very ambitious and a very good fit for our school.

Please check the rest of the website articles out. If you are thinking of placing your child in a local school, and like what you see, get in touch - we can make time to speak to you and to arrange a school tour so that you can see the working environment in action. If you are not local, bear in mind that we are very accessible by bus, train and road and that a significant number of our students travel large distances (some from neighbouring counties) to get to us every morning. There is an annual Open Evening in early September, where you can tour the facilities and meet, and speak with, our current students. They are very proud of their school and not a bit shy about saying so.

At the last minute, a number of families who were due to send a first year pupil in Setember have moved to a distant area of the city or emigrated. This has unexpectedly freed up a number of places for new applicants. If you wish to enquire about taking advantage of this opportunity to place a child with us, in a First Year class for this coming September 2019, please let us know as soon as possible - phone 01-8480055 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There will be someone in the office until around June 20 and from around August 20. If they are available, a member of our Induction Team will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also get in touch if you are thinking of transferring your child from another school and would like to explore the matter. We are also taking expressions of interest in First Year places for the following year 2020-21.

All of the following articles were submitted to the website during the past school year - starting with the latest on page 1 and ending with the first article on about page 12 - if you want to see the year as it unfolded step-by-step, work backwards. There are around 120 entries for the year, some more substantial than others, and that doesn't even begin to cover all that went on. Please enjoy reading about our year,and pass the link on to anyone who might have an interest in finding out more about us.

To be decided in early September. Among the current contenders are Focus on Well-being, Focus on Achievement and Focus on Inclusion. Our current Special Project, Focus on Attendance, will go into it's second year.

Congratulations to all our amazing 6th year students on their graduation this week. The best of luck with your studies and exams over the next few weeks. We are sure you have very bright futures ahead and will be missed greatly.

Ms Griffin and Ms Plunkett were delighted to welcome Michael Lynch, JCT Advisor - Wood Technology/Graphics, to ArdScoil La Salle. Mr Lynch presented 1st and 2nd year students with their winning Certificate for the National Tree Week Competition.

Congratulations to Dylan Blount, Cameron Booth, Alex Clarke, Jack Cooney, Alejandro Diego, Nina Lonergan, Zoe Lonergan, Liam McDonnell, Ben Mitchell, Nathan Butterly, Saoirse Flood, Thomas Goodrum, Leon Healy, Alex Herteg, Aron Knowd, Ivelin Nikolov, Cian Preston, Jonathan Ralph, Luke Ryan, Margarita Connors, Asmaa Kharita and Leah Murphy.

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