She didn’t get this win without hard work and determination. Gaia said the most difficult part of the process was choosing the right song. She ended up singing 'Warrior' by Demi Lovato; an impressive and difficult song to perform. But the young singer shocked the audience as she belted each note.

Gaia, along with the rest of the performers, rehearsed as much as possible before the big night. This was Gaia’s favourite part, as she got spend time with the other contestants as well as the transition years taking part in the annual panto. She said she loved having a laugh with everybody and making memories with her school mates.

With anticipation building, Gaia says she wasn’t nervous for the big night; rather excited and filled with confidence, ready to face the audience. She didn’t fail to mention the other contestants though, as she said there was definitely some tough competition.

At the end of the night when she was declared the winner, nothing else mattered. Gaia was shocked to win but was very proud of herself and loved performing an encore for the audience. She said the talent show was “one of my best memories of being in the school”.

Chris Kennedy, Year 5

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