Dublin City Play Strategy Online Surveys

Following on from the Dublin City Play Plan; Play here, Play there, Play Everywhere 2012 – 2017 Dublin City Council are developing an Implementation Strategy which will include a comprehensive action plan from 2019 onwards. As part of the development of the Play Strategy, DCC Parks & Landscape Services – Play Development want to involve the wider community , especially children and young people in ‘having their say’ regarding the development of Dublin as a child friendly and playful city. 

The up and coming play strategy places a key focus on giving children and young people a voice in influencing issues that affect their lives. To this end the play strategy will be influenced and shaped by input from its citizens but mainly its young citizens aimed at creating a child friend and playful city where all children and young people can fully exercise their right to play.

The online consultation questionnaires are for specific categories; adults/parents/carers, younger children under 12 years and older children 12 years plus. The consultation questionnaire can be accessed via http://www.dublincity.ie/playstrategy - final closing date 14th June 2019.

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