Each Quarter (roughly every 40 days, each student will be given a quarterly review letter/report. Parents will be provided with a copy and a copy will be kept on file.

The review will contain figures (and percentages) for the number of

  • Full days missed,
  • Part days
  • Lates
  • Maths classes missed (Numeracy)
  • English classes missed (Literacy)
  • All classes missed
  • Hours of Teaching and Learning lost due to absences ov various kinds

A prediction will be given, based on those numbers of the likely totals if nothing changes.

The letter will explain the consequences, if any, of reaching those totals.

It is hoped that student and parents will become more aware of these issues, and if the predictions look like being a problem, take action.

All attendance figures are available on VSware and all parents have been given usernames and passwords - if lost, just ask.

Focus on Attendance is a HSCL initiative.

A coffee morning was held last Wednesday, 29 August to welcome the parents, grand parents and new pupils. They met with their teachers and the Rang Cara team.

Our special project for 2018-2019 is Focus on Attendance. Attendance is a major factor influencing exam results, but not many understand how they are linked. We will be focusing on developing a common understanding of the implications of attendance statistics - common to students, parents, staff and management.

We will be focusing on predicting year-end totals which would be reached if attendance behaviors do not change. We will begin to speak of hours of teaching and learning lost through absenteeism and the consequences of this.

There will be a competition after Christmas.

This is a 2 year project which will run through to June 2020.

Focus on Attendance and Every School Day Counts  are HSCL initiatives.

Welcome back to Ardscoil La Salle 2018-19

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