This year, to mark the 50th Jubilee of Ardscoil La Salle and the Tercentenary of our founder Jean Baptiste De La Salle, we have a special award for the student that has lived the Lasallian ethos to its fullest.

This student has always exemplified the Lasallian tradition of education for all in a caring and welcoming atmosphere during her time here. In the last few years this student has been the driving force behind our winning entries in the national Lasallian Family competition and our leading representative at the Lasallian gathering in Knock. We have great pleasure in awarding the Lasallian Award to Emilie Kane

As a Lasallian community, we value the holistic side to a student as much as the academic. The Ambassador award represents all of the characteristics the we hope to instil in our students over the 5 or 6 years we spend with them. The core values of a Lasallian school focus on care and respect for others; partnership; and excellence. As a Le Cheile School we value inclusivity; concern for others; and a passion for teaching and learning.

An Ambassador is someone we feel has portrayed all of these values and characteristics and will bring them into the world and represent our school into the future. It is someone who has contributed
positively to our school community and enhanced the spirit of our daily lives. This year, we have great pleasure in awarding the title of Student Ambassador of the Year to Niamh Reid

When choosing the Senior Student of the Year, we look for an exemplary pupil, a student who has maintained five or six years a consistent commitment to study at the highest level, who has achieved excellent results in the Junior Cert and continues to apply the same high standards to preparations for the Leaving Certificate. The Student of the Year is not only outstandingly able in academic work, but also possesses sterling personal qualities: displaying uprightness, maturity, helpfulness; treating both staff and fellow-students with unfailing courtesy and consideration; always completely reliable,outstandingly honourable, and utterly unassuming.

Outgoing and supportive of fellow-students and of teachers, combining meticulous schoolwork and outstanding academic achievement with the highest ideals of personal integrity and all-round excellence of character. This year, we have great pleasure in awarding the title of Senior Student of the Year to Eoghan Gilroy

The Senior Sportsperson of the Year is an all-round sportsperson, a key member of the school team, whether in soccer, Gaelic football or hurling, a player of distinction, with a strong sense of team spirit and outstanding ability, always generous in victory and courageous in defeat.

We look for an athlete who besides being a committed, passionate and determined on the pitch, has shown impressive leadership ability, leading by example in training and on the field, motivating and spurring on team mates. This year, we have great pleasure in awarding the title of Senior Sportspersons of the Year to Kaitlin O’Connor

The award of Junior Student of the Year 2019 goes to the student who has maintained the highest standards of excellence in all areas of school life over the past three years. This student has been exemplary in character, respectful of others, steadfastly cooperative with and obliging to both teachers and fellow-students. Highly motivated, extremely diligent, conscientious in attendance and punctuality, our Junior Student of the Year consistently strives and reaches the goal of academic excellence.

For the pursuit of excellence in all fields, consistent commitment to studies, displaying strength of character and outstanding personal integrity, the student who well and truly deserves the accolade of Junior Student of the Year 2019 is Darragh Bird

This award is presented to a student who has consistently displayed the highest standards of sportsmanship, combining a high level of athletic skill with team spirit and who, while exhibiting enthusiastic competitiveness, always strives to play fair, leads by example, inspiring team-mates to greater effort.

This year, for Soccer and Gaelic football, showing a mature understanding of the game, being highly motivated, consistently helpful to teammates and trainers and always performing at the highest level of sportsmanship, we have great pleasure in awarding the title of Junior Sportsperson of the Year to Tegan O’Shaughnessy

This award was set up in memory of the late Mr. John Slattery, who taught in this school many years, working especially at encouraging the academic progress of junior students. It is given to a pupil in Junior cycle who has consistently shown a positive attitude to schoolwork
and helpfulness and courtesy to fellow-pupils and to teachers, even when the going gets tough.

This year for excellent behaviour, consistent hard work, unfailing co-operation with teachers and displaying strength of character in pursuing the personal goal of trying always to achieve the best possible academic standards, the John Slattery Award goes to A Jay Hoey

On Wednesday 8th May, Ardscoil La Salle students received a Trinity Achievement Award. Over 20 schools took part in the ceremony. It is a huge achievement for our school to be part of and it recognizes the hard work of our students. The awards recognize academic excellence and contributions of students to school life.

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