Cairde has launched a new multilingual mobile friendly website, Health Connect to improve minority and vulnerable communities’ access to local health services. It is aimed at mobile phone users. Importantly, anyone can use it.

The new information platform:

  • Describes health services available in Ireland, including GP practices, hospitals, maternity and women’s health and mental health.
  • Enables an immediate connection to relevant services available in user’s area of residence. The website is linked with Google maps where those services are tagged thus the user can instantly see what’s available in his/her locality and can easily obtain addresses, opening hours and other contact details.
  • Provides more information about the health sector in Ireland, including general entitlement to health services, help with medical costs, GP out-of-hours service, GP and GP Visit Card schemes.
  • English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Polish languages versions.


We were all so excited to go to Italy because we knew that we would move around a lot from city to city and not just stay in one place for the whole trip. There was a lot of planning involved for the teachers (Ms. Magin, Mr.Coolahan and Mr. Barter) to make sure that we had the best time ever which we did!

On Saturday 6th April, a group of students travelled to Knock Shrine. We gathered with other Lasallian schools to celebrate the Tercentenary (300th anniversary) of the death of St John Baptist De La Salle. We joined together with other members of the Lasallian community to celebrate the work of St John Baptist. Each of us took part in the ceremony by reading, singing, carrying a banner and a presentation. It was a really nice day that all of us enjoyed in Knock. It was nice to gather with all the other schools and learn more about the Lasallian community. All of us who travelled would like to thank Emilie and Emma for organizing the trip for us, for making sure we had our banners, blazers, permission slips and getting us to the bus on time. Most of all thank you for your help making sure we made it back to Dublin. We look forward to our next trip to Knock. It was a really great day and it was nice to see all the different De La Salle schools in one place.

April 1st - 5th was Autism |Awareness week in Ardscoil La Salle. We celebrated it in true Della style. We started the week with assemblies for juniors and seniors, and a presentation introducing autism and how it effects people on the spectrum. Rang Cara made cupcakes for the whole school on Wednesday. Everyone watched daily U tube clips to better understand the the difficulties of people with ASD.

Many parents grew up with the old terms such as A's and B's and Leaving Cert and Diploma. Some of the way these things are spoken of has changed. It might be interesting for parents to see where their own qualifications fit in.

New Leaving Cert Points and New Qualifications System

Provided by your HSCL

Rang Cara made their mother's day gifts. Their gifts for their mothers was a vase of handmade paper flowers. Some time each day was spent working on the blossoms. The patterns had to be drawn on colour card, then cut carefully. The next day they started using the glue gun to assemble the the flowers, using pipe cleaners for stalks, This took two days hard work. Then they covered coffee jars for the vases. Check out the finished product.

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