To mark the tercentenary (300 anniversary) of the death of St John Baptist De La Salle there will be a celebration in Knock Shrine on April 6th 2019. All students will receive an invitation for themselves and their families to travel to Knock on 6th April over the coming weeks. Any staff past or present and past pupils and their families are very welcome to attend. Those interested in attending or looking for more information please contact the school.

With an early start of 7:00am on a Tuesday morning, nine Ardscoil La Salle students set out for Castletown, Co Laois on a mission. This mission was to represent our school in the Annual Lasallian Competition and maintain the excellent standard set in previous years. The theme for this year’s project was ‘Then & Now’. As a group of 2nd years, we created a ‘Back to the Future’ themed mode of transport. Our idea was to include three forms of transport that were/are/will be taken to school. These forms of transport were a wagon (past), an American School bus (present) and a hover car (future) with St John Baptist De La Salle as the driver.

Next Tue 26 Mar 18.30-19.30 there will be a meeting for the parents of current 3rd and 4th year students to discuss the subject choices for 5th year. All parnets are advised to attend. Refreshments will be provided.

Focus on Attendance is a HSCL initiative

This measure is taken to ensure that there are no distractions to teaching and learning.This ban extends to classrooms and corridors. Phones must be left in lockers. If students breach this rule, they will have to surrender their phones daily, to the deputy principal. An exception may be granted if a teacher explicitly requests students to bring phones to a particular class for an educational purpose. The exemption must be sought on a class by class basis. This ban will be extended to the whole school next year.

A letter/report has been provided to all students. Parents should discuss it with their children.

It contains data on Full Days Missed, Part Days, Lates, Classes Missed and Hours of Teaching and Learning missed. Each student receives a personalised analysis of their numbers. Likely totals are predicted and the consequences of reaching these totals, if any, are fully explained. As always parents are encouraged to check their child's attendance data on VSware. If hte prediceted consequences look to be a problem steps should be taken to make sure the predictions are not reached.

Focus on Attendance is a HSCL initiative.

The second Years and Rang Cara made pancakes on Shrove Tuesday for the teachers and ancillary staff. They had fun working together and eating the scrumptious pancakes. Ms Dever supplied Caramel spread and Crunchie spread fort he toppings. Beautifully decorated plates were sent to Mr. Mythen and Ms Higgins to show our appreciation for their hard work.


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