Ardscoil La Salle is offering a FREE five week Social Cookery for Fun! Healthy Food Made Easy course on FIVE Monday Mornings

Each class will involve working with other adults to make a healthy meal, after which you can sit down and enjoy your meal and socialise with other parents. You can bring a container and take some home. If you bring extra ingredients you might even have the family dinner sorted!

The course is aimed at supporting people interested in healthier eating without breaking the bank. During the classes ther will be information sessions covering important information about food and food shopping. It is run by the HSE and the Northside Partnership. There is a dietician available - you can pass on questions to her through the instructor and she will join the class for one session if her schedule allows.

Mr Keogh brought the second year business class visit the Central Bank on Feb 4th. Rang Cara were invited along for the outing. After the bank, the group walked onto O'Connell Street to McDonald's for a meal before going into the Wax Museum. It was a great bonding experience for all involved.

Monday 4th February marks the beginning of our annual Well-Being Week. Throughout this week, students will participate in various activities and workshops. This week promotes a positive atmosphere throughout our school environment and our school work. On Friday 8th February, ‘Della goes Blue’. Friday is a non-uniform day. All students and staff are asked to dress in BLUE. A contribution fee is asked of our school community to help us fundraise for our mental health campaign ‘Behind the Obvious’. During this week, we encourage our students to be respectful and open to all talks, workshops and events taking place. We ask for Della students to carry on our positive message and vibes throughout the rest of the school year. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter as we promote #dellagoesblue #happlyclappyweek #dellawellbeing #progress4pieta.

During the month of January, Ms McCabe changed the artwork on the school walls. There was great excitement as students recognised their work on show.

Every year, students get the opportunity to take part in the school talent show, showcasing their amazing abilities, voices, skills and more. The talent show is open to anybody who is willing to put themselves out there and perform an act for family, friends, teachers and classmates.

This year we had a variety of amazing singers perform, with the winning act being Gaia Bettuzzi. The young Italian student earned her win by showcasing her amazing voice for all of the audience to enjoy. All were in awe of her pure talent as she rose that much higher than all the other acts.

The First and Second Year Parent-Teacher Meeting will take place next Tue, Feb 5 between 4.15 - 6.45 pm. Please make sure you can attend; If you can't please arrange a private appointment with the teachers.

For more information on this course click here.

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