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Jigsaw is the National Service for Youth Mental Health. You can find out more here. Because they recognise that most young people seek help online, they have set up an online service, JigsawOnline.

We launched JigsawOnline because we know that young people go online as a first port of call when something is bothering them. On the site you will find information, exercises and tools for Young People, Parents & Guardians and Professionals working with young people.While Jigsaw is the National Service for Youth Mental Health, we can’t physically be everywhere. And face-to-face therapy isn’t for everyone. JigsawOnline is for those who can’t get to a Jigsaw service but also maybe don’t need one.

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After Christmas it was fantastic to see the school with a Gaelic Football and Hurling team for the first time in a few years. This seen a lot of lads put on the Della jersey for the first time. Although the team was not entered into a competition, we played a number of friendlies against some local schools. These matches were used to create a good foundation for next year when we will enter a team into the Dublin Championship.

The management was very impressed during the matches by the talent and hard work of all the players who togged out. All of the players will now move up to the U16 team for next season which paints a bright further for Gaelic football and hurling throughout the school.

Mr Keogh and Mr Fitzgerald would like to thank all of the players and hope to see them out for training at the start of next year.


Greetings, My name is Patrick O'Brien and I am a founder pupil.  My sister who resides in Raheny alerted me to your Golden Jubilee.

I was in the first year 1968 , having being previously a pupil at St Assams.  When the school opened it was just a group of connected portacabins and a big field.  The surrounding housing estates were still being built and we had to walk or cycle to school- there was no bus route from Raheny.  We had no desks when the school first opened and sat on plastic chairs. 

The results show clearly that there has been an amazing improvement across the board with most of the students who went over 20 days last year managing to get below, and well below, 20 days this year. Almost every student beat their last years’ figures. Well Done!

Management and staff have noticed that some students are frequently asking where their numbers stand and that some students are making more mature decisions around activities which may take them out of classrooms and factor in the loss of a lesson in the decision.

We are particularly pleased that the number of mandatory referrals to the EWS for students with over 20 days absence was in single figures, and at a record breaking low for Ardscoil La Salle. No student who was referred last year had to be referred again for a second time. We owe this to the dedication of students and parents, who really took this initiative to heart.

Focus on Attendance is a HSCL initiative

As we come to the end of another school year Ms. Cooper and her editorial team will take us through the year’s highlights in our annual yearbook. I always look forward to reading the yearbook as it highlights all the wonderful work that goes on in Ardscoil La Salle both in the classroom and outside of it also.

A letter/report has been written and will be provided to all students. Parents should discuss it with their children.

It contains data on Full Days Missed, Part Days, Lates, Classes Missed and Hours of Teaching and Learning missed. The numbers for this year and last year are included so parents and students can look far patterns. if there seems to be an issue. Hopefully the final figures came in below predictions from the other Quartely Reviews.

Focus on Attendance is a HSCL initiative.

In business learning can happen both inside and outside of the classroom, as a result of this, throughout the year all our business classes have been on several business trips to such places as

  • Leinster House,
  • The Central Bank Museum,
  • Wax Museum, GoQuest,
  • Trinity College and
  • Butlers Chocolate Factory.

These trips are a great way for our business students to see the information they have learned class being used in the working world.

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