Limited Places available for First Year in 2020

Local schools (in the Howth Deanery) have now applied through the Deanery form. However, each year there are a limited number of places for direct application to the school. Anyone may apply directly. The number of places is very limited, as Ardscoil La Salle makes a feature of small classes and an overall number which allows every student to know every other student. These 'extra' places are expected to be taken up very quickly. If you are interested please phone 01 848 0055 or email .

Ardscoil La Salle provides for a wide range of activities to help develop the talents of students and to provide them with the confidence to be involved.

Our Clubs

Breakfast Club

Provides a warm breakfast in supervised surroundings for those who wish to partake. The breakfast club runs every morning from 8.15-8.40

Homework Club

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for 1 hour.

Della Voices

Students learn to sing and arrange their own versions of songs that we all know and love. They also learn some modern dance moves.

Activity Club

Students are occasionally brought out by members of organisations associated with our local school completion program.


Gaelic Football, Soccer and Hurling teams.

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