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There are several ways to access your resources depending on which type of device you use:

  1. Laptops/PC's/Tablets/Smartphones (Mobiles)/All Devices: You can acces via your web browser - Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, FIrefox etc
  2. Tablets/Smartphones (Mobiles): You can access via your browser or through APPS that you can download free from your APP store

Whats the difference? If you use a browser you can access all apps from one webpage and switch from one to the other quickly. If you use separate apps you have to open and close the apps.

If your phone/tablet is clogged with photos, music, saved chats etc you may have to declog before you can download apps -you can move a lot to your google drive If you can't free enough memory you should stick to using the browser and save everything to your drive.

Using a Browser (All Devices):

  1. Go to the website and log in.
    You will see all of your apps

  2. Log in to any Google app eg,
    Mail:   Classroom:    Drive:
    You can switch to other apps by clicking on the 'Waffle' (9 dots) at the top right of the screen - a menu linking to the other apps will drop down - you can move things around in this menu so as to have the most used near the top.

If you are using a browser on your device you should make a 'Bookmark' so you can go to the site quickly

  1. On a PC/Laptop this means dragging the site address onto the bookmarks toolbar (make a bookmarks folder if you can) - if you need help Google It
  2. On a Tablet/Mobile this means either making a 'Bookmark' or adding the site to your Homescreen - if you need help Google It
    You should certainly Bookmark and 'Add to homescreen' the site

Using  Tablet/Mobile APPS from the APP store

  1. FIrst add your school account to your Device - Open your SETTINGS - go to ACCOUNTS (may vary by device) - ADD ACCOUNT - GOOGLE ACCOUNT - Put in your emai address and password - SAVE. You may have to Google the instructions.
  2. Go to the APP store and search for 'Google' - You will see a lot of APPS from Google LLC.
    Download the APPS - Start with Mail, Classroom, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep, Calendar, Chrome.
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