HSCL Co-ordinator Nicola Magin

School Hours Mon - Thur
During School Term

Home School Community Liaison Office
(Near Reception)

Walk-in availability 9.00 - 9.30 am
By appointment at other times
  • The co-ordinator has many appointments and meetings throughout the week
  • The co-ordinator works in a school in Finglas every Friday and is not available
 Mobile 086 750 9998 Leave a voice message or send a text requesting a call - be sure to include your name and that of your child
 Phone 01 8480055 ext 206
 e-Mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Be sure to include your name and that of your child

The Home/School Community Liaison Scheme is based on the principle of partnership between homes, schools and communities.

The Home School Communiy Liaison Person is available to meet with parents, guardians and other responsible persons in the school or alternatively is also available for Home Visits if you would like to discuss a matter in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  This is the first year of HSCL in ALS and the focus at the moment is supporting parents on issues of attendance, achievement and general wellbeing of your children. The HSCL focuses on parents while the Chaplain, Counsellor, Yearheads and Tutors focus on the children themselves.

The home school liaison will also try to provide information to parents on support organisations available to them and their children on a wide range of issues. A large a number of emails are received each week with information regarding parent and child issues as well as leisure and educational courses which might interest some parents (most of which are free). Past courses in other schools have including First-Aid, computers, Irish, Sewing, Parenting, Zumba and Art & Crafts. Details will be posted on this webpage and updated regularly.

The home school liaison will run several free courses within the school each year, and will inform parents of courses run by other HSCLs in other schools in the community. Most courses are free and any parent (or grandparent or guardial) can attend any course in any school. Early booking is essential.

The HSCL works with other HSCLs and Community Groups on a regular basis.

Make sure you can receive information

  1. Keep your contact details up to date - address and phone
  2. If you change your mobile number inform the school immediately and opt in to texts
  3. Make sure the school has an email address that you will regularly check:

The school never email you about serious matters relating to your child unless you specifically request it
The hscl will only use your email address to forward details of courses or support structures
- we receive many of these which are meant for parents in general
Not every parent need all of them but most parents will find some of them useful

 The HSCL is provided by TUSLA as a part of our new DEIS status.


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