Our TY class went on a trip to Trinity College Dublin. When we got there we met up with 2 past pupils from our school who now attend Trinity. They brought us on a tour around the campus, we were brought around the museums and libraries. Afterwards we all went to a lecture hall where one of the Trinity Access team talked about how to get to college and what college is all about.

Our guest speaker was Detroit Slam Poet, Natasha T Miller. She came up and started talking about her career in a specific type of poetry called button poetry. She was really good and performed a few of her poems for us. As a class we all enjoyed her performance.

Later we attended a probability lecture by Katie Steckles as part of Maths Week. She talked about the probability in flipping a coin and in having the same birthday as someone else. Overall the day was good and a new experience for the TY group.

By Jenny McGrane

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