No school exists in a vacuum. Ardscoil la Salle values its partners in education.

The Le Cheile Catholic Schools Trust

The Le Chéile Catholic Schools Trust now comprises the schools of thirteen religious congregations. The de la Salle Brothers have handed the trusteeship of Ardscoil la Salle to this organisation. The aim of the Trust is to carry on the legal, financial and inspirational role of trusteeship that has, up to now, been done by individual congregations. It carries out the legal and inspirational role of trusteeship . This is a significant development in Irish education as the Catholic Church and the individual religious congregations renew and reformulate their commitment to Irish education.

The main object of Le Chéile is the development of a vision of Catholic education and overseeing its implementation in the Schools, encouraging preservation of key aspects of the evangelical heritage of their founding Congregation and to facilitate the opening of new schools if and where the need arises and resources permit.

The Congregations are currently responsible for 47 voluntary secondary schools and are trustees in 8 Community Schools

Board of Management

The school is managed by a Board of Management appointed by the Trustees.

The Board, which operates under the Articles of Management of Catholic Voluntary Secondary Schools, comprises of eight members: four Trustee nominees, two parent nominees and two teacher nominees. The Principal of the school, is Secretary of the Board.

The term of office of the Board is three years.

Meetings are held every six weeks approximately during the course of the school year.

The Board may be contacted by writing to: Chairman, Board of Management, c/o Secretary of Board, Ardscoil La Salle, Raheny, Dublin 5

Management Team

Ardscoil La Salle is a Co-educational Voluntary Secondary School under the trusteeship of the De La Salle Brothers, and La Cheile, and grant-aided by the Department of Education and Science. The school is managed by a Board of Management appointed by the Trustees.

To support the efficient organisation and administration of the school there are a number of Assistant Principals and Special Duty Teacher posts, in addition to a principal and deputy-principal

Parents Association

In accordance with the Education Act 1998 the Board of Management recognises the value of a strong Parents' Association. The Board actively encourages parental participation in the organisation and management of the school. The school has an active Parents' Association, which aims to promote the educational development of our students and to assist with the various school activities. The Association meets normally on the third Tuesday of each month.

Student Council

The student council is very active in all aspects of school life.

School Completion Cluster

The Edenmore, Kilbarrack, Raheny School Completion Programme is proud to be partners with Ardscoil La Salle in providing educational opportunities to the young people of the area. The local management group is an association of schools and community groups in the area working with young people.

The cluster Committee is made up of:

Chairperson.Co-ordinator.Representatives of the affiliated schools and community groups; Kilbarrack Youth Project; Kilbarrack Community Development Project; Kilbarrack Coast Community Project; St. Monica's Youth Club; St. Malachy's BNS; St. Benedict's/St Mary's NS; Scoil Eoin;Representatives of Dublin City Council; KLEAR; The national Education Welfare Board

The school completion programme is a Department of Education and Science programme that aims to have a significant positive impact on levels of pupil retention in primary and secondary level schools and on the number of pupils who successfully complete the senior cycle. It is a key component of the Department's strategy to discriminate positively in favour of children and young people who are at risk of or who are experiencing educational disadvantage.

The focus of the school Completion Programme is on those who are at risk of educational disadvantage, leaving school early and not reaching the significant educational milestone of achieving a leaving certificate. Early school leavers are more likely to experience social exclusion and unemployment or underemployment. In a fast moving economy and society like ours, a young person without a leaving cert is at high risk of marginalisation.

While education is a vital component in the answer to social disadvantage, it is only in tandem with clearly identified actions by other statutory and voluntary services that the wider issue of socio-economic disadvantage and appropriate prevention and support strategies can be effective.

Schools invited to participate in the School Completion Programme are required, in collaboration with the representatives of local statutory and voluntary agencies to devise focused and targeted integrated plans in the holistic support of young people at risk. The local retention plan targets and focus Programme resources in the first instance on the individual young people who are most at risk of early school leaving.

Additionally some strategies may include a wider group or the whole school population. Schools also develop whole-school strategy to develop an ethos of retention and the promotion of senior cycle completion. Services that will provide after-school, holiday time, home, family, and community supports to enhance the young persons readiness to benefit from education, must also be part of the plan.

Yahoo! and Business in the Community

Business in the Community Ireland is a unique movement of companies across Ireland committed to responsible business practices. Our purpose is to inspire, engage, support and challenge companies to continually improve the impact they have on society, specifically in the community, environment, marketplace and workplace. BITCI also works with hundreds of companies nationwide through its innovative social inclusion programmes.

Schools' Business Partnership

Adding value to the Department of Education & Science 'School Completion Programme' this programme aims to positively impact on educational inclusion and address key issues in areas of educational inclusion in Ireland. The programme does this by matching one school with a large local business and engaging in various programmes. Through the Schools' Business Partnership a menu of programmes has been developed to address key educational issues for these schools across the country. Ardscoil La Salle has been partnered with Yahoo!, from Point Village.

Skills @ Work

For the past five years we have been involved in the Skills @ Work programme. Employees and managers from the partnering business provide students with a firsthand insight into the diversity of employment roles within a company. For employees this provides an opportunity to enhance and develop presentation skills and recognition of the contribution of different staff roles within the company. This also presents companies with an opportunity to recruit strategically into the company through partnership with a local school. The programme provides site visits, 'A Day in the Life' talks, CV workshops, mock interviews, company overviews, interview skill techniques and many other sessions such as workplace etiquette, teamwork, etc. This programme has had a great success in this school. We work closely with the Human Resource Department of Yahoo to provide this programme. We are delighted with the help and advise they provide our transition Year students in the area of careers each year.

Yahoo! Staff-Student Mentoring Programme

We hope to start this programme this coming year. It is another of the SBP programmes that we feel will benefit our pupils.The final two years of education are probably the most important for many students' academic careers. The Student Mentoring Programme provides students with a mentor from the outside world of work to encourage and assist them through this period. The programme encourages the student to stay in school, promotes their self-esteem and develops their awareness of the workplace.

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