The sports hall in Ardscoil La Salle is for hire every day from 5.00pm - 10.00pm. There are also some time slots available at the week-end. Persons wishing to hire the hall should contact Mr Mythen, at the school (8480055).

Conditions applying to hire of the school hall:

  • that they are required to take due care while using the hall to ensure that the school property is respected at all times
  • That the relevant doors are locked after use and lights switched off and the gate on Raheny Road be locked at the end of the evening.
  • That the hall is clean and tidy after it has been used, so that it is ready for use the next day.
  • That Health and Safety requirements are adhered to.
  • That the school related events take precedence in having use of the hall and that personnel leasing the hall will be given prior notice of same. this should happen very rarely.
  • That any hazzards or potential health and Safety risks, which come to the attention of the leasee be registered to the school authorities.
  • That you provide your own personal liability insurance policy, which will give cover while using the School Sports Hall. There must be a clause in this insurance to state that the Board of Management of the School is indemnified against any insurance claim. This policy document will need to be submitted to the office, at least one week in advance of use of hall and annually after that.
  • That no liability and no warrenty is taken to accrue to the Board of Management of the school by virtue of this request.
  • Use of the hall does not include the upstairs balcony, which is strictly reserved for school use, and is never for hire.

The cost of hiring the hall is €35 per hour, with a small discount for clients booking more than four hours.

An initial deposit, which will consist of two weeks rental payment, will be required.

This rental fee will be reviewed annually.

To hire other facilities, please contact the school principal.

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